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About Lynn Scott’s Books

December 6, 2009

About Lynn Scott’s Books

I am the author of the memoir A Joyful Encounter: My Mother, My Alzheimer Clients, and Me. My book is not about the disease, but about the spirit that exists in us all as long as we live. I led my clients in singing the old familiar songs (“Take Me Out to The Ballgame,” “As Time Goes By,” “I Love You Truly”), and I reveled in the love I received and gave.


Currently I am completing a memoir with a working title of Oldham Street, about landing in a small sunny neighborhood of San Francisco in 1987 on thin emotional ice. I was helped to heal from deep grief by a unique set of unlikely healers.

Gertrude's house on Oldham Street. "I believe in neighboring!"


I’m an ordinary quirky woman with, if not an extraordinary life, at least a fully lived one. I am drawn to other quirky characters and write about them in my current memoir: Oldham Street.

Never having focused on money earning (but still needing to earn), I followed my heart into work, travel, mothering, and now grandmothering, but still writing. I offer help (at reasonable rates) to writers seeking line or word editing, or needing a neutral overview of a work in progress.  I welcome serious conversations about writing, or Life. 

I welcome your  stories about your quirky neighbors or family members.

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