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I checked out daughter leigh’s webpage

January 13, 2010

Leigh Scott lives in Ct. So she isn’t here on the West Coast very often. Check out this beautiful webpage:  She is a true healer. One of her skills is the practice of Feldenkrais, which she describes there. I have found that Feldenkrais is able to keep me on my feet and free of the old age aches. I am in an altered state when I leave Naomi Draper’s session. She is in Woodacre Ca. She takes insurance and Medicare and I can’t say enough about her work. Ask information for her number and try Feldenkrais out. it is gentle skeletal work, different from massage.

Every Woman Should Know about Body Positive

January 6, 2010

I have just watched “Lily” talk about going from such body hatred that she had started down the path of bulimia, and just happened to get random word about Body Positive ( She is a beautiful woman and turned her life around by joining the loving community of women who began with Body Positive when in high school and now are all of college age. I’m 80 but i wept like the 15-year-old I once was, so full of my pain of self-hatred that I too couldn’t be a good student. Oh that such an organization had been functioning then! I encourage women to check it out.

January 3, 2010, Feeling Stuck.

January 4, 2010

My second memoir is here in galley form for further editing, and having found any number of errors and incomplete thoughts, I grew melancholy! Feeling stuck. So what are my tools to move me on?  First, companionship. Today my bodhisattva friend Teresa LeYung Ryan came to help me with the blog. I am so fearful of new learnings on the computer that just putting this blog in order has already helped me feel more confident. But what about the book? In a dialogue with Teresa, I now see that my struggle revolves around honoring my own experience and still honoring another’s truth.