An introduction to Lynn Scott’s blog

An introduction to Lynn Scott’s blog

I’m an ordinary quirky woman with, if not an extraordinary life, at least a fully lived one. I am drawn to other quirky characters and write about them in my current memoir, Oldham Street. I welcome your stories about your quirky neighbors/ family/friends, or perhaps, more importantly, what you have learned as you have progressed along in life: all the emotions or situations you’ve experienced and what you have done successfully with them.

Never having focused on money earning (but still needing to earn), I followed my heart into work, travel, mothering, and now grandmothering, but still writing.

To give back a comment do this:

1. click on title bar above.

2. scroll down screen until you see empty boxes

3. fill in the boxes with your name, email address (if you haven’t an email address your story won’t get to me), website address if you have one.

4. compose your story in the empty box.

5. Once you press the send button, you’re published! Thank you. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments. Thank you.

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One Response to “An introduction to Lynn Scott’s blog”

  1. Marilyn McIntosh Meyer Says:

    Hello Lynn Scott! I am a fellow blogger and scribe. I just turned 58 in June; and the reason I mention it is because you mentioned you were in your eighties. You remind me of me somehow. Although I haven’t met you, I seem to resonate with your style. I’m delighted to see you blogging again. I once read that one cannot consider themselves a true writer, if one doesn’t scribe 100-200 words on the daily. My mother kept a diary on the daily for years and years and years, and I have them all! A lot of the pages were to merely log her time her on the planet, such as, “I got up and read the paper and had my coffee. I watched the hummingbirds from the deck. I love them so. I had lunch, watched the news, and took a nap. When I got up, I cooked a nice supper,” and so it went; day after day. When she was in her last year here, she said, “I’ve lived a full life…no regrets.” That was truly a gift to me. I observed someone truly living in the moment with loads of appreciation for air, and sun and dirt and yes, water. Her transition sparked my transformation. It’s true for me that sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I held on to all of her diaries without reading them for about four years after she had past. I too am writing a memoir. I came to appreciate “my story,” and the story of my lineage. I write for myself, and hope that it may interest my children and grandchildren some day. I’ve decided to tell the story as a fiction, so that I may have liberties to embellish with exaggerated flair (where, in my own mind it existed anyway…lol).

    I too am resuming a blog, after leaving it alone for almost two years. You have provided inspiration for me. Thank you.


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