President Trump

It is three days since the election. I wasn’t so surprised by the overthrow of the status quo. The folks that run things, at the Democratic Committee for instance, haven’t been paying attention to the huge number of angry folks that were reaching the boiling point over the loss of so much we tied to our great Constitution and our daily comfort in all forms. They did all they could to keep Senator Sanders and the marvelously organized millions working for his vision from having any perks. I think he conceded too early, before his great team had a chance to plan what comes next, and they divided up. Then, the commercial media, so into drama that they virtually enabled Mr Trump to spend no money for publicity and had his face and awful comments on our screens round the clock. Together they brought their own privileged world down. Well thank you for that.

My various reactions to this stampede of voters: “Oh good, I don’t have to watch and scream at my tv screen because Hillary has just sent more money to countries with out-of -control violence against weaker groups and is waging yet another war.”

“OMG will i find myself out on the street with all my belongings, since i count on my Section 8 license that makes my senior housing affordable?”

“Will Social Security still pay out, even without a real bonus to catch up with inflation?”

“Can he change Medicare that leaves me out?”

“Well, I am giving him 100 days before i freak.”

“What! His first picks for his Departments are Gingrich, Guiliano, that arrogant pol from N.J., maybe even Sarah down from Alaska!”

“Well, I have seen him sitting respectfully beside President Obama where they had an hour and half conversation, and he said at the end that he hopes to continue seeking counsel with Obama. Now will Bernie reach out to him and become another counsel for him?”

Just three days passed in all those thoughts. Each day I get more. But i am still willing to wait till he is in before believing our world has ended. It hasn’t been so great for so many people our government affects. He loves his country he says. Maybe the position will grow him.

Hillary’s concession speech was what i would have wished to hear in her voice long ago. She was gracious, dignified, honest, and reasoned. No rough tones i have come to expect from her. Good for her. She will need lots of time to heal from this shock. May she not take the venge route. If this change-about came out so well, one wonders about all that vitriol and low blow scenes we were subjected to throughout the campaign. What a waste of time!

So I am back at “Wait and see. What is, is.” It is sad that the elites and big money folks enabled this revolution through chicanery and dirty tricks and the media so light-brained with their far overreach of Trump coverage, but here it is. Instead of sane Bernie and his young idealists, we get unstable Trump and his too often violent talking and acting followers. He ain’t no populist, he who lives like a king, nor accepted among the big money gang (BMG). He’s a reality tv star in the likes of the sisters whose name i have not mastered. But maybe he loves his country so much that he will pull back our troops for wars we cannot win, and concentrate more on our infrastructure and give jobs to those so desperate. Or maybe he will face up with of other leaders who run their world like a tyranny of one. It could go many ways.

One sad consequence today, November 11, is that the corporations that build prisons and military equipment have reopened their options to have MORE of everything. The Asian and European markets had two days down and are rising again. The mess will continue.Trump may make peace with Putin and bring one possible war to a non-happening. But his stance on China is risky. It owns much of this country, and we use most of its goods that used to be manufactured in the U.S. We will never be back to the 1950’s. (I look back with disdain at those suburban years of my youth: boring, dishonest, ignorant.) The angry hands-on workers may get work on the infrastructure (I so wanted to advise Obama to begin there, satisfy our working folks. He chose insurance as his legacy, which now can be changed all together next year.) Their children coming up now have to hop into the future in technology and science. The pick and shovel folks will be the homeless.

Women made the mistake of putting the glass ceiling as the focus in their rush to see the first woman in the White House, instead of responding to the useful anger of Sanders’ folks and the rabid rage of Trump’s first group of supporters. Their issues are more basic than a woman in the White House, just any woman. I held my nose as i voted for Hillary. I did not see a clear difference between her language and the right’s. Not Trump of course because he made no logical statements for change. But i am sick of militarism for our capitalists and the making of millions of homeless, landless people around the world. I was half sick most of the time. Still am. Feel helpless. Will have plenty of opinions later if that doesn’t change.

I have almost recovered from my other renewed knee and very healthy. I shall stay with the day to day events and speak my mind when i can. I do welcome rebuttals or agreements.



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