About Lynn Scott

I want these blogs to register my journey where I am always learning; and now, in my late 80’s perhaps teaching something of my journey toward compassion for myself. I spent most of my life in reaction, jumping into any situation where i could help, without always asking if the person or the situation needed me.

I have been a self-hater most of my life. trashing a perfectly healthy and good looking body constantly. It affected my children, my several partners, and how my journey went forth most drastically. When I turned 80, free of society’s expectations (or not caring to honor expectations at all) I began to unwrap those


I welcome your comments to my blog posts.


Lynn Scott signing at Women On Writing Conference

One Response to “About Lynn Scott”

  1. Andrea Says:

    You may be an ‘ordinary woman in some people’s world but to me you are an extraordinary woman!
    So wonderful to see your image and words.
    love you.

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