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I welcome your stories about your quirky neighbors/family/friends

March 6, 2010

I’m an ordinary quirky woman with, if not an extraordinary life, at least a fully lived one. I am drawn to other quirky characters and write about them in my current memoir, Oldham Street.I welcome your stories about your quirky neighbors/ family/friends, or perhaps, more importantly, what you have learned as you have progressed along in life: sadness, gladness and all the other emotions or situations and what you have done successfully with them.

Never having focused on money earning (but still needing to earn), I followed my heart into work, travel, mothering, and now grandmothering, but still writing.

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Every Woman Should Know about Body Positive

January 6, 2010

I have just watched “Lily” talk about going from such body hatred that she had started down the path of bulimia, and just happened to get random word about Body Positive¬†( She is a beautiful woman and turned her life around by joining the loving community of women who began with Body Positive when in high school and now are all of college age. I’m 80 but i wept like the 15-year-old I once was, so full of my pain of self-hatred that I too couldn’t be a good student. Oh that such an organization had been functioning then! I encourage women to check it out.