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Here lies an old lady

February 23, 2010

From my journal today: “Here lies the old lady, huddled beneath a torn patchwork throw made for a child, now in her late 50’s, by some friend of this woman’s mother, dead these 33 years. She says, puzzling, ‘What if I stopped writing? What would be the glue that held a day together?  Oh, I know what puts me here. I’ve completed the memoir and I’m ducking the awful job of developing a worthy query letter to a publishing house that i suspect will have little interest in a now-80 year-old’s memoir of being 58-70. So what if it was a hero’s journey? There are so few white older women whose heroics are noted by the world, unless, like Madame Curie, she dies while producing something needed.’

So, everyone is saying the internet is the way to go. I just complained to my friend Andrea Bredback, young writer extraordinaire, that reading endless prose on the computer made me tired and dizzy. Then i realized that i do that all the time, reading my own stuff. So I’m rethinking. Maybe I can placidly send this query off, with the help of good friends who shape it up for me, and let go of end results. Instead put out lots of tags and see if dialogues will form here. Anybody want to start a dialogue?